Over 50 years ago the skies around Yorkshire resounded to the sound of heavy bombers climbing to altitude before going on their journeys, (some one way), to bomb the industrial and military might of Hitler's Third Reich. Yorkshire, as many other counties throughout the UK, became virtually an aircraft carrier. Huge amounts of land were requisitioned by the Air Ministry to build airfields and what would become home for thousands of servicemen from all over the world. Today many of these airfields have been forgotten and returned to their original use as farmland, a couple are still in active use and a few have been partially saved by being used for another purpose such as an industrial site. This site is not designed to be an historic account of the airfields and the personnel who were based there but a record of what remains of these airfields today. A reminder of those dark days of the forties and the people that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy today. We hope the site will appeal to enthusiasts but more importantly to those who probably didn't even know these historical places were on their doorsteps, especially the younger generations. Please Note Many of the old airfields are now within private land and we must emphasise here that permission must be sought from the owners of the land before venturing on. Active airfields can be extremely dangerous places, although most active airfields will have areas for viewing nearby. You will see a map of each airfield featured with hotspots highlighting the view from that position. As the site develops we hope to be able to show a "then and now" perspective and any feedback or material would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your visit to Airfields in Yorkshire.


Please note although we would love to help people with tracing of family histories in regard to this site we regret we do not have the resources to fulfil tracing requests. 


This is a link to enter the web site. In the link is a picture of a Hurricane fighter aircraft. Click here to go to the airfield listings.This is a photograph of a Halifax heavy bomber, the most common of the heavy bombers to be based in Yorkshire. You can see the twin tail of the aircraft and the four engines.This is a Yorkshire rose with an RAF roundel in the middle.Welcome to Airfields in Yorkshire, a web site dedicated to recording what is left of the regions second world war airfields.We are trying to make this web site more accessable to surfers with disabilities, if you have any suggestions how we can help make this a more accessable site please email us by clicking here.This image is of an RAF roundel, it comprises of four rings gradually getting smaller from the outside in. The colours are outer ring yellow, then blue, then white and red for the middle ring.This is the logo for Hyperweb, who designed this web site.