Bomb Stores

This  is a picture of one of the bomb stores. It has red brick walls with a concrete roof. The doors are no longer on it.

Bomb storage area, probably incendiaries and “less” explosive munitions. The large bombs were kept at the bomb dump.

This is a pic of a bomb store. The door has gone but you can see it would have been a heavy steel blas door.This is another pic of a different style of bomb store. It has two heavy steel blast doors, one is still in place and open, the other is now on the ground. It is made of brick with a concrete roof. Earth has been pilled around the walls to add further protection.This pic shows a set of blast walls for personnel protection. They are made of brick and have earth piled up against them to add further protection.This pic is another bomb store building made from brick with a concrete roof.This pic is another view of some blast walls, made of brick with earth piled against them for protection.