Cayton Bay Beach Defences

By what remains at Cayton Bay, there seems to have been substantial fortifications built here. There appears to have been a gun emplacement, or gun platform, as well as pillboxes and search light platforms. If anyone has information or even better, photos, of how the defences looked, please let us know EMAIL

This is what appears to have been a gun emplacement, notice structure to left and right. The middle has now been filled in with concrete, but this is where, I imagine, the gun mountings were.
Just to the right of the picture (out of view) are solidified sandbags.

To the north of the beach, towards Scarborough, are various defences including pillboxes, tank traps and the remains of other beach defences. Pictures below.

Below pillbox with view from inside to right

Tank traps, probably not in original positions

Pillbox, appearing to have slid down the cliff face from a higher position

Half buried tank trap

Metal beach defence

This pillbox (right) to the south of the beach, seems to somehow have got onto its' roof. It was probably on the cliffs above.

View from atop the cliffs looking north, giving an indication as to why Cayton Bay was so heavily defended., ideal landing beaches.