The Wartime Defences Of Yorkshire

Throughout Britain's turbulent history there has always been the threat of invasion from across the sea, from the Romans to the Spanish and French.

1940 saw the threat arise again, this time from German Third Reich.

All along the south and east coasts, hastily prepared invasion defences began to appear. Gun emplacements, tank traps and pillboxes, amongst others, formed the basis of Britain's defensive lines.

oday many of these fortifications have been lost to the elements, falling into the sea as our coastline is eroded. Many have been destroyed in the name of progress, others just forgotten and now taken over by Mother Nature.

o these monuments of a darker time qualify for the same recognition as our ancient Castles; after all they were there to serve the same purpose, the defence of this country?

his section of the site covers the defensive part Yorkshire played during those war years, and records what is left before it is too late.

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Defending Britain: Twentieth-Century Military Structures in the Landscape