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Situated just north of the City of York, Rawcliffe opened in 1936 as a civil airfield run by the Yorkshire Aviation Services Ltd on behalf of the City Corporation of York.
The airfield was taken over by the RAF at the outbreak of war and used as a relief landing ground for Linton-on-Ouse.
Various units occupied the site until 1941 when Clifton saw its' long term role unfold with the arrival of No48 Maintenance Unit with the responsibility for repair of battle damaged Halifaxes. The airfield was expanded and concrete runways laid to accommodate the heavy bombers.
Again various units came and went up until the end of the war when the No48 MU disbanded and the RAF left the airfield. The airfield was again used by Yorkshire Aviation Services until the early 1950's when the site was sold by York Corporation for housing development.
Today you will be hard pushed to actually find any evidence of there being an airfield at Clifton. More housing has been built, a retail complex and industrial site. A pub was built bearing the name Flying Legends, with the pub sign depicting a Halifax bomber.
Just south east of the new complex can be found what we think is the only remaining reminder of the war time activities at Clifton, some of the original hangars being used for grain storage and the facility buildings around them. You can see these by following the signs for the grain storage area.

You can find Clifton using Ordnance Survey Map 105 location SE590550.

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