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Opening in 1936 as part of No3 Group Bomber Command, Leconfield was typical of the airfields built during the expansion period of the 1930's.
First Squadrons to arrive were No166 and No97.
In 1937 the base was transferred to No4 Group Bomber Command.
1939 saw the base transferred to No13 Group Fighter Command and at the height of the Battle of Britain saw many Squadrons using the base as a "rest" centre during the campaign.
In 1941 the Station was again transferred to Bomber Command, and after modification to Heavy Bomber status opened in late 1942.
At the end of the war, the base was transferred to Transport Command before becoming an active fighter station for several years.
Today, Leconfield, (now known as Normandy Barracks) is shared by the Army and the RAF SAR (Search and Rescue) Sea King helicopters.

Location Ordnance Survey Sheet 107 TA034426

Halifax Squadron: The Wartime Bombing Operations of No 640 Squadron, Leconfield.
Bill Norman