Snaith airfield was opened in July 1941 as part of No1 Group, Bomber Command. The first squadron to arrive was 150 Squadron equipped with Wellington III's and stayed until October 1942. 150 Squadron was replaced by 51 Squadron, recently returning from loan to Coastal Command, replacing it's ageing Whitleys with Halifax BII's.

The station was now transferred to No4 Group  Bomber Command and 51 Squadron was involved in almost all the major operations during the remainder of the war in Europe.


Today there is still a substantial amount of the airfield to be seen, although most of the runways were ripped up to provide building materials for the M62 motorway that passes through the north of the airfield site.  

You can find Snaith by following the A645 Snaith road and following the signs to Pollington or use Ordnance Survey one inch scale Sheet 97 SE605210.

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