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Full Sutton became operational in May 1944, being one of the last heavy bomber stations built during the war, and became part of No4 Group, Bomber Command. It was built on three commons, Gowthorpe, Fangfoss and the common that gave the station its' name, Full Sutton.
It was the standard three paved runway design for heavy bombers.
The only operational unit to be based here was 77 Squadron which moved in from Elvington in May until the end of the war.
Full Sutton was active until 1947 when it was put on a Care and Maintenance basis. However the Korean War gave Full Sutton another lease of life and it re-opened in 1951.
No104 Refresher Flying School became resident and remained here until the mid-1950s.
1955 to 1957 saw the airfield put on the reserve list for the US Air Force but was never used operationally.
In February 1957, the RAF moved back in and Full Sutton became a satellite field for Driffield for the Thor Missile until disbandment in April 1963 when the station closed.
Today the former airfield has been heavily developed for industry with the northern part of the airfield housing a prison. As you will see from the pictures, two of the hangars remain and the control tower.
Part of the main runway is still in use by light aircraft.

Location: Ordnance Survey Sheet 106 SE748540