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Wombleton opened in 1943 as a sub-station to No61 Base Topcliffe in No6 Group Royal Canadian Air Force. With its close proximity to the Yorkshire Moors and its height well above sea level, Wombleton wasn't exactly suitable for heavy bomber operations and many accidents occurred. This is the main reason why Wombleton was destined to remain a training station as the air density was causing problems with heavily laden aircraft.
First unit to move in was No1666 Heavy Conversion Unit with Halifax Mk IIs from Dalton, who remained for the duration of the war.
August 1945 saw 1666 disband and after the Canadians left the RAF took over with the RAF Regiment using it as a Battle School. They stayed for several years before vacating and most of the facilities were dismantled.
During the 1950s some of the old accommodation blocks were used to house homeless people.
The site is still used today for microlight and light aircraft flying.

Pictures kindly supplied by Steve Walls.

Location: Ordnance Survey Sheet 100 SE485678