Barlow Royal Ordnance Depot

South east of Selby, off the A1041, is the small village of Barlow. If you drive through the village you will eventually reach Drax Power Station nature reserve. This is a free to visit site developed on what was a dumping area for waste products from the power station. The area is now beautifully landscaped with nature trails and masses of wildlife. At the time of visiting, the site was only open on Wednesdays and Sundays. There are a number of items to see showing the connection with the previous history of the site, as you will see from the photos below.

Before the power station was built, Barlow had a Royal Ordnance munitions depot, that had its own railway connection and appears to have been underground. Despite various searches, we have not been able to confirm what exactly was stored here. Our suspicions are that it could have been a storage site for bombs to supply the very many airfields in the area. If anyone knows any information about Barlow, we would be most grateful for the feedback. Please email us with any information EMAIL

Map of the area circa 1960, showing clearly the railway coming into the site.

Up until quite recently there was an airship hangar nearby from the now long gone airship construction yard dating back to the First World War.

How the site looks now, below.

Royal Ordnance Engine

Chieftain Tank

Saracen Armoured Car

Ferret Armoured Car

Possibly the only evidence left of the site

Artillery Charge Cases